Thursday :: Oct 20, 2005

Gergen Says Wheels Have Fallen Off The Wagon - Wilkerson Says Cheney-Rummy Cabal Has Hijacked American Foreign Policy

by Steve

David Gergen of all people told Lou Dobbs tonight that it appears the wheels have come off the wagon of the Bush Administration. When Dobbs asked Gergen what if anything Bush could do to regain some ability to accomplish anything, Gergen replied that when Reagan faced a similar problem in his second term, he dumped his team and made a fresh start, bringing in Howard Baker among others. But therein lies the rub. Bush rarely if ever admits failure, and he prizes loyalty over competence. How likely is it that Bush would dump Rove, Card, and Cheney’s staff and bring in anyone who could regain the confidence of the Hill? Well, I’m not so sure it’s that far fetched. If any of these guys are indicted, now that their stories are falling apart, Bush would have the excuse to do so.

(Thanks to John at Crooks and Liars for the video and link.)

In another story that I tracked this morning, Larry Wilkerson, who was Colin Powell’s chief of staff at State during the first term, took the gag off at an event with Steve Clemons for the New America Foundation. Wilkerson said that the Cheney/Rummy “cabal” has hijacked American foreign policy and the decision making process, cutting out the bureaucracy and making decisions on their own without accountability. Wilkerson also observed that Condi Rice was part of the problem by wanting to please Bush too much, instead of working to provide him with the best possible advice. This, of course, assumes that Bush would do the right thing with the best advice instead of going with his flawed gut instincts.

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