Friday :: Oct 21, 2005

There's No Rest For the Wicked

by eriposte

As we focus on Treasongate, the Far Right GOP running the country has been focused on its trademarked corporate cronyism and corporate welfare giveaways.

Bob Geiger (Yellow Dog Blog) comments at length on the GOP-controlled Senate's shooting down of a Bill to increase the minimum wage. He also does a red-state v. blue-state comparison of sorts on the minimum wage here.

Carolyn Kay at Make Them Accountable asks "See a pattern here?" as she sent in these articles:

House passes gun lawsuit shield legislation

Congress Set to Pass Law Eliminating Liability For Vaccine Injuries

House bans fast-food lawsuits

In older news that I have been meaning to mention, here's Slingshot:

Manufacturing & Technology News reported that the Department of Commerce refused to divulge a study requested by Congress, eventually releasing a document that was heavily doctored by cronies. The hacks tore so much content out of the $335,000 study that “it’s a little bit shocking that that level of work could come out of anybody with a college education.”

EPA has issued new draft rules, ruining New Source Review and preempting dozens of ongoing enforcement actions againt polluters. If the rules end up being adopted, state attorneys general will certainly sue. As I’ve noted before, the US Chamber of Commerce has “declared war” on the authority of state attorneys general to protect our rights, Eliot Spitzer in particular.

Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility reported that the administration has created the equivalent of a a political loyalty test for Park service employees. The administration has long loathed the civil service system, believing that professional employees are incapable of separating personal beliefs from doing their jobs. The modern conservative movement’s troubling unwillingness to acknowledge that workers can place professional norms over personal biases is nowhere more important than for federal employees. That reluctance justifies cronyism and poor government.

Business as usual for the most criminal government to rule the United States in a century or more.

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