Friday :: Oct 21, 2005

The Times Still Hasn't Had It's Accountability Moment On Miller

by Steve

Here’s several snippets of Judy Kneepads-related coverage for you.

First, you’ll recall in her mea culpa last weekend Miller tried to say that everyone got in wrong on Iraq’s WMDs. Wrong. Arianna Huffington has started a list of the reporters that got it right.

Jack Shafer at Slate writes that the New York Times owes its readers a lot more than the inadequate “mistakes were made” CYA it has issued so far. Shafer says it needs to show how Miller’s pathetic stories made their way past the editors into the paper.

Washington Post Op-Ed columnist Eugene Robinson calls Miller a “piece of work” today, and also blames her editors for not providing adult supervision.

Robert Scheer writes at the Nation that the real culprit here is publisher Arthur Sulzburger, Jr. who protected Miller all along, suppressed several efforts by the editors to qualify her reporting, and then wrote several self-serving editorials to make Miller out to be a first amendment Joan of Arc.

Douglas McCollam of the Columbia Journalism Review pens a good piece in their online edition about Miller's background and her likely failure to shield herself and Libby from trouble.

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