Friday :: Oct 21, 2005

Democrats Now Have 13-Point Edge For 2006

by Steve

For those of you who think the hype about the Democrats' chances next year to take back Congress is overblown, take a look at the latest Gallup poll findings on the subject, and note the 13-point gap in favor of the Dems.

Also note that the last time support for the GOP to control Congress was this low or lower was in the aftermath of the Clinton impeachment.

I'm sure that Harry Reid can use votes like this one, by the GOP to refuse to provide assistance for heating oil bills this winter, as just another argument to batter vulnerable GOP senators next year. Note that there were several of these vulnerable GOP senators who voted with the Democrats to provide this assistance, but 60 votes were needed due to Senate rules, and that allowed the GOP caucus to release these vulnerable incumbents for these votes without fear that they still could kill the effort in the end.

And my question to Democratic senators Nelson and Carper is this: you don't have low income folks in your state who won't be able to pay for heat this winter?

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