Saturday :: Oct 22, 2005

Is The White House Considering Pulling Miers' Nomination?

by Steve

“I picked the best person I could find”
--Bush, October 4, explaining how near-sightedness landed him Harriet Miers

When I asked yesterday afternoon what was the possible reason why Bush called Andy Card to Camp David this weekend on short notice, I left out one possibility that I had thought about: he called Card to Camp David on short notice because they were planning on how to withdraw Harriet Miers’ name from consideration for the Supreme Court.

The Washington Times puts forward that scenario this morning, saying that several GOP consultants have been called to ask their advice on how to do it.

Remember that the decision committee that came up with Miers’ name consisted of only Bush, Laura, Card, and Miers’ assistant. Rove was kept out of the process, as were other seasoned people who would have told Bush not to make this mistake. So it would make sense for Bush to call Card to Camp David, in reality to the woodshed, to figure out what to do with Harriet. There are any number of reasons why Bush may consider pulling her, even some from unusual sources, if Bush was even to consider doing so.

It would be a major problem for Bush, on top of his existing problems, if he pulled Miers’ name or if she took herself out of the nomination. Aside from the fact that Bush never admits a mistake especially when it involves a crony appointment or selection, it would also be proof that Bush, Laura, and Card flamed out on a pick that was all their own. And it would be a “f*ck you” from the Rove supporters in the West Wing.

And then there is that nasty little bit of “I picked the best person I could find” nonsense from Bush himself, which tags any subsequent pick as not as good as the pick that just slunk away. But fear not. I’m not sure this will happen, and if they do settle on a trumped-up way to do it, they may still find something face-saving for Harriet to do.

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