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Ratlines Over The Side

by pessimist

Anyone who has eyes open and brain engaged knows that the end is nigh for Bu$hCo. The polls - no matter what the trolls want to believe - continue to decline, and the number of known conservatives who are publicly coming out against Bu$hCo continues to grow:

Former Powell Aide Says Bush Policy Is Run by 'Cabal'

Secretary of State Colin Powell's former chief of staff Lawrence Wilkerson has offered a remarkably blunt criticism of the administration he served, saying that foreign policy had been usurped by a "Cheney-Rumsfeld cabal," and that President Bush has made the country more vulnerable, not less, to future crises. Mr. Wilkerson suggested that secrecy, arrogance and internal feuding had taken a heavy toll in the Bush administration, skewing its policies and undercutting its ability to handle crises.

Mr. Wilkerson suggested that the dysfunction within the administration was so grave that "if something comes along that is truly serious, truly serious, something like a nuclear weapon going off in a major American city, or something like a major pandemic, you are going to see the ineptitude of this government in a way that will take you back to the Declaration of Independence."

That comparison is quite apt, and a similar course of action may well become necessary, for it appears that the PNAC 'conservatives' who still support George W. Bu$h are gearing up for the real nuclear option - a strategem that was presented over 40 years ago in Seven Days In May: the military takeover of America.

Because it is clear that popular public support for King George is waning faster than a Diebold electoral vote count for a Democrat, can the conservatives who still support King George really be planning to use FORCE to remain in power?

Why not? It is what they are doing in Afghanistan and Iraq, and if it's good enough for Halliburton, then it damn well will be good enough for the United States!

President Jordan Lyman: All right, Colonel. Let's sum it up, shall we? You're suggesting what?

Colonel Martin "Jiggs" Casey: I'm not sure, Mr. President: just some possibilities, what we call, uh "capabilities" in military intelligence...

President Jordan Lyman: You got something against the English language, Colonel?

Colonel Martin "Jiggs" Casey: No, sir.

President Jordan Lyman: Then speak it plainly, if you will.

Colonel Martin "Jiggs" Casey: I'm suggesting, Mr. President, there's a military plot to take over the government. This may occur some time this coming Sunday.
- Seven Days In May

Quite dramatic! But could it happen here? I think so:

An all-American army

"The military is a proven contributor to foreign policy. Why can’t it make the same contributions to domestic policy?"

Yeah! Why not? One intrepid Derek Reveron at the National Review Online wrote a Posse Comitatus, schmomitatus piece that left me wondering where you find these people who want to be ruled by the boys in camo.

Are they servile creatures who can only relax in the presence of combined firepower displays on the populace? Do they want a piece of the action? What are they in it for?

There's more below the fold.

Here were Reveron's highlights:
-"The Defense Department is the only department in government that has the personnel, equipment, and command and control capabilities to rapidly respond to disasters within the United States."
-- He casually ignores why this is so: Because it's sucked all the funding from just about every other federal agency!! If we hadn't funded the Pentagon to the tune of a few score trillion since the Cold War, we might have funded an appropriate agency like FEMA to have the "personnel, equipment, and command and control capabilities to rapidly respond to disasters within the United States."

-These captions: "Viceroys Abroad, Why Not at Home?", "Nature Can Be a Devastating Enemy"

-"There is no reason to think that that military would abuse an expanded role helping Americans or that an expanded role would run counter to American political culture. Public-opinion polls consistently show that Americans trust the military to do what is right."

-"With the shortcomings of the D.C.-based bureaucracies and limitations of local governments to respond to major events, military leaders have a distinct advantage over their civilian counterparts."

-Best of all:
"In a time of crisis, the United States doesn’t need a coordinator; it needs a leader. Civilian-controlled military officers offer this leadership."
We seem to spend more time training for seizure than for prevention, like the Commies already had the stuff, and we had to get it back. - Colonel William "Mutt" Henderson, Seven Days In May

I suspect that such pieces as that of Derek Reveron are intended to float the trial balloon and see what kind of reaction is generated by this idea of military rule in the US. I haven't got the time to check up on these 'polls' Reverson cites as evidence that the American people trust the military all that much, so I'm hoping that one of you readers will have some time today between scrimmages to search for them.

I, for one, am completely opposed to such an idea, and will do what I can to expose and oppose such a move. Don't doubt that it isn't being considered:

Plan would let president take control in disasters

[T]he White House is exploring legal options for the president to seize control from a governor when disaster strikes. Katrina, one of the worst natural disasters in U.S. history, brought to the fore a question of authority that had mainly been the subject of academic debates.

Federal law puts a state's chief executive at the helm in a disaster, with the president serving in a supporting role. But Frances Townsend, the former prosecutor President Bush appointed to examine failures in the response to Hurricane Katrina, said Friday that she is considering whether there is "a narrow band of cases" in which the president should take over. "We are very focused on it," Townsend said. "We owe the president some options."

Friday at a White House briefing, Townsend sought to assure reporters that the president wasn't seeking to overturn a tradition of state-federal relations dating back to the formation of the republic. But she provided few details about what situations might merit a federal incursion. "The federal government is never going to be the nation's first responder," Townsend said. "It can't be and shouldn't be. To the extent people are worried about overturning years of tradition, that's not what we're talking about."

Riiiiiiight. Then why so many representatives from the authoritarian departments of the Executive Branch?

Townsend, who most recently served as Bush's top adviser on domestic terrorism, was assigned a month ago to investigate the governmental failures that contributed to the problems of the Katrina aftermath. She has assembled a 12-member task force including staffers from the Department of Defense, Department of Justice, FBI and Homeland Security.

There are some attempting to break up this power cluster before it can be used, and the names of some of these will surprise you:

Some lawmakers, including Rep. William Jefferson, D-New Orleans, have called for FEMA to be removed from the Department of Homeland Security to "cut through the bureaucratic red tape," as he put it after a hearing Wednesday. Townsend suggested that she opposed making FEMA a separate agency. She said there were "very good reasons" to keep FEMA ensconced in the larger bureaucracy.

Very good reasons - like conducting martial law in America? Part of a larger plan to ensure that Bu$hCo remains in power even if the American people fully awaken to the crimes of that cabal? It looks like America's governors - including Jebbie The Butt! - are aware that SOMETHING is amiss, and have staked themselves on the battlefield:

[T]he tensions between Blanco and Bush in the aftermath of Katrina were alarming enough to the nation's governors that they issued a unified statement Oct. 13 asserting their authority. "Governors are responsible for the safety and welfare of their citizens and are in the best position to coordinate all resources to prepare for, respond to and recover from disasters," the National Governors Association said.
In an opinion piece, Florida Gov. Jeb Bush wrote in the Washington Post, "Just as all politics are local, so are disasters."

Why do I suspect that Jebbie will have a(nother) horse's ass (can Bu$hCo not get ANYTHING right???) in his bed when he wakes up? He might also have someone from his brother's 'team' come down to Florida with a message from King George: "Fredo - er, Jeb, you're nothing to me now. You're not a brother, you're not a friend. I don't want to know you or what you do. I don't want to see you at the hotels, I don't want you near my White House. When you see our mother, I want to know a day in advance, so I won't be there. You understand?"

But Dumbya needs to understand something. He isn't the Top Dog in the conservative world. He isn't the Godfather of the BFEE/PNAC Petroleum Pirate Posse. He gets no respect from anyone who takes international relations seriously.

For instance, Lawrence Wilkerson sees Georgie as someone who "is not versed in international relations, and not too much interested in them, either" while he speaks of Poppy as "one of the finest presidents we've ever had." He's still seen as a wimpy pup compared to his father, no matter how hard he tries to out-do him - and Poppy is pissed!

Old Bush vs. New

The Bush administration is bracing for a powerful new attack by Brent Scowcroft, the respected national security adviser to the first President George Bush.

A Republican and a former Air Force general, Scowcroft is a leading member of the bipartisan foreign policy establishment, and his critique of both of the style and the substance of the Bush White House, is slated to appear in Monday's editions of the New Yorker magazine.

The article also contains some critical comments on the handling of U.S. foreign policy by the current President Bush from his father, whose 1989-1993 presidency is hailed for deft management of the end of the Cold War, German unification, the first Gulf war and the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Remember that Poppy once led the CIA, Georgie? Remember that he's got long-term connections in all the places you've been messing around? Places like Iraq and China and Central Asia? Have you already forgotten that your family has long had business contacts with the bin Ladens, and that it wouldn't be too hard to tap those contacts for 'sensitive' information?

It looks like that's exactly what he did, and it's for your own good that Poppy's allowing the release of this:

More Bad News for Bush

The CIA field commander for the agency's Jawbreaker team at Tora Bora, Gary Berntsen, has finally got approval to publish his book, which will hit the streets on December 27, 2005. The CIA has sat on the book for more than a year and tried to stop its publication.
Although the book is not intended as a criticism of President Bush, it will land another body blow to the beleaguered Bush Presidency.
Bernsten's key point in the book is his testimony that he and other U.S. commanders did know that bin Laden was among the hundreds of fleeing Al Qaeda and Taliban members. According to NEWSWEEK, "Berntsen says he had definitive intelligence that bin Laden was holed up at Tora Bora--intelligence operatives had tracked him--and could have been caught. He was there."
This book will have the unintended effect of reminding all Americans that George Bush did not finish the job of tracking down bin Laden. Instead, he shifted key military and intelligence resources and started a war of choice in Iraq.
At the current fatality rate more than 2100 Americans will have died in Iraq when this book is available in bookstores. Put it on your list for belated Christmas and Hanukkah shopping.

Happy Holidays.

I hope you get what's coming to you for Christmas, MISTER pRedzident!

And if you want to talk about your oath of office, I'm here to tell you face to face, President [Bu$h], that you violated that oath when you stripped this country of its [political] muscles - when you deliberately played upon the fear and fatigue of the people and told them they could remove that fear by the stroke of a pen [on a tax relief bill]. And then when this nation rejected you, lost faith in you, and began militantly to oppose you, you violated that oath by not resigning from office and turning the country over to someone who could represent the people of the United States. - General James Mattoon Scott, Seven Days In May

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