Monday :: Oct 24, 2005

Scowcroft's New Yorker Blast At Bush/Cheney

by Steve

I mentioned to you several days ago that Brent Scowcroft was about to have a piece run in the New Yorker that would be a cannon shot into the bow of the Bush Administration’s foreign policy. Although the essay itself hasn’t yet been put on the New Yorker’s website, the essay’s author Jeffrey Goldberg was interviewed for a piece Sunday night on the site that summarizes the article's main points, namely that Scowcroft and 41, as well as presumably the other members of the “realist” wing of the GOP foreign policy establishment have just about had it with 43 and his cabal.

No father likes to see his son or daughter grow up and turn their back on dad’s advice, friends, or diminish dad’s accomplishments. And yet that is what 43 has done these last five years, which explains why 41 has grown somewhat closer to 42. Read the interview, and when I see the actual piece get posted, I’ll try and put it up.

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