Wednesday :: Oct 26, 2005

Not Today - But A New Office Lease Though

by Steve

I’ve returned from being away on business the last two days, and I’m not surprised that Fitzgerald hasn’t pulled the trigger yet. There have been too many recent revelations leaking out and new developments such as his bull-rush into the Niger forgeries for me to think that he was ready. I personally now think that Fitzgerald will extend this grand jury after Friday, even if the indictments come down this week.

Lawrence O’Donnell says that experienced federal prosecutors are now saying that Fitz will extend the current grand jury even if he issues indictments this week.

Jane Hamsher over at FireDogLake says that a member of the current grand jury confirmed that they will be meeting Friday, and that a source of hers says that Fitzgerald will have a wide aim in any indictments.

John over at Crooks and Liars contacted Fitzgerald’s office, and despite rumors all day from some in the media that the indictments were coming out today, his own office says nope.

The New York Sun reported today that Fitzgerald spent the lunch hour with the chief judge today, possibly to pursue extending the grand jury or to discuss the logistics of issuing indictments this week, or both.

There are stories out there that Fitzgerald will hold a press conference tomorrow. So, back to our regularly scheduled programming.

It appears that Mr. Fitzgerald is prepared to go on awhile, until Bush tries to do something stupid.

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