Wednesday :: Oct 26, 2005

Voters Want An Anti-Bush Congress In 2006

by Steve

(Graphic courtesy of Gallup)

This post is specifically for our resident trolls who continually jab us with how bankrupt Democrats are as a political party, and how much of a political force Bush still is.

Yup, to these wise political sages, the Democrats have lost the war of ideas in the face of the Bush-led GOP juggernaut, with no sign of any hope on the horizon for the hapless, faceless, idea-less Democrats.

I mean, voters prefer Bush on the issues, right?

More than half, 57 percent, said they don't agree with the president's views on issues that are important to them, while 41 percent said their views are in alignment with those of Bush on important issues.
On separate issues, a majority of those questioned felt the Democrats could do a better job than Republicans at handling health care (59 percent to 30 percent), Social Security (56 percent to 33 percent), gasoline prices (51 percent to 31 percent) and the economy (50 percent to 38 percent).
Forty-six percent also believed Democrats could do better at handling Iraq, while 40 percent said the GOP would do better.

Well, Bush would beat any Democrat now in a head-to-head race, right?

In the latest poll, 55 percent of the respondents said that they would vote for the Democratic candidate if Bush were again running for the presidency this year.
Thirty-nine percent of those interviewed said they would vote for Bush in the hypothetical election.

That’s right; Bush would get his ass kicked by an unnamed Democrat right now, by 16 points.

And how much help will Bush be in carrying his party in 2006? None.

At the moment, Bush is in no position to boost Republicans. By 54%-39%, those polled say they are more likely to vote for a congressional candidate who opposes the president than one who supports him.

So trolls, please keep on spouting your nonsense about your great leader. He would get his ass kicked by an idea-less, faceless Democrat right now.

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