Wednesday :: Oct 26, 2005

Small men

by Duckman GR

Athenae over at First Draft writes a trenchant piece about the bushco boys, in this time of their distress.

But they never were our leaders. They told us to be afraid, and they turned us on each other, and they gave away our money to their friends and killed our sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, husbands and wives. They sniped and they snarled, but they never did lead us. They never brought us an inch above ourselves, or a milimeter closer together.

Sums things up rather completely, but read the whole thing.

Really, what did people expect, what did Timmeh and Chris and Donna B and the whole DC Crowd think they were getting? Couldn't they see what kind of punk bush is?

It's always amazed me that they would say that bush is so charming and personable in the flesh yada yada. Yeah, so is Charlie Manson, doesn't change what he actually is.

People operate with blinders, never looking at things around themselves, at the body language and non-verbal communications, don't display much situational awareness. If you were in a bar and bush came in, you'd run away home as fast as you could, slam the doors shut and shoot the bolts, if you know what I mean.

This is what fuels my anger at the Democrats who don't fight, who namby pamby their criticisms, their opposition; liberal writers like richard cohen and nick kristoff who shill for these creeps. Supposedly the Democrats are working on a new slogan, via MyDD, "Together we can do better" or some such passive drivel. Not, "Together we can cure the country of this deadly parasitic virus and regain our Rights," or "Together we can drive a stake through cheney's empty chest cavity and regain our Constitution."

So as the day of their reckoning approaches, I urge you to think about what comes next. If ever a party, well meaning, caring, upright and honest as they may be, could prevent victory, it's the Democratic. So think about what you can do to help them not Buckner their chance.

And speaking of which, Congrats to the Southsiders. I was undecided on my World Series preference, National League City and all, but when I saw george hw sitting behind homeplate, I became an instant White Sox fan. Ha, take that, loser! bush, not the Astros.

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