Thursday :: Oct 27, 2005

Open Thread

by Mary

Kent Bye of the Echo Chamber Project has a great 6 minute video that provides an overview of the arguments around the pre-war intelligence. He has interviews with a number of experts like Greg Thielmann and Retired Lt. Col. Karen Kwiatkowski as well as the right-winger response from Craig Kincaid who represents Accuracy in Media. As expected the Accuracy in Media guy parrots the arguments on the right: gee, did you know that Duefler confirmed that Saddam had a nuclear weapons program and that Valerie Wilson sent her husband to Iraq and that the British really did have evidence that backed up the President's 16 words in the SOTU? In other words, he retorts, you decide. The video is a very nice way to look at the quality of the arguments.

Okay, it's your turn now.

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