Friday :: Oct 28, 2005

LIbby Will Be Indicted - To Resign Today

by Steve

Well, here is what we know as of now. Fitzgerald will hold his news conference at 2 PM eastern time today. Numerous news sources are reporting that Scooter will be indicted, and ABC News has reported that he has cleared out his office today and will resign.

He'll probably be on Fox News in a week as an ethics in government commentator. And of course he'll be pardoned by Bush in the end anyway.

But Rove’s spin machine is churning out the story that he will be spared indictment today. What isn’t known is whether or not Fitzgerald will extend this grand jury, empanel a new one, or wrap it all up today. It is also known that the tip we received from Steve Clemons the other day about Fitzgerald getting new office space was incorrect. So we’ll just wait and see what Fitzgerald does.

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