Monday :: Oct 31, 2005

Circling The Wagons, Cheney Pokes Fitzgerald In The Eye

by Steve

It’s almost as if Cheney is daring Patrick Fitzgerald to make the next move; Cheney just named David Addington, who is also known to be a part of the efforts to go after Plame, as his new Chief of Staff. Cheney also named John Hannah, who allegedly provided some assistance to Fitzgerald against others, as his new national security advisor.

As Josh notes, this is the ultimate in “circling the wagons” behavior by bringing directly into the inner sanctum of Cheney’s office two people who have fingerprints in what Fitzgerald indicted Libby for last Friday. What is more interesting from a legal perspective is what Cheney would gain from bringing both of these guys from staff positions into senior positions on his team. Lastly, what does it say about Bush’s commitment to separating himself from this mess if he didn’t stop Cheney from immersing himself even further into the morass of what he’ll be forced to testify upon at Libby’s trial. It looks like either Bush doesn’t care about the Fitzgerald indictments, or he still has no control whatsoever with Cheney’s office.

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