Monday :: Oct 31, 2005

The way to defeat Alito: WOMEN

by CA Pol Junkie

Remember the gender gap? Women preferred Gore by 11% in 2000, while men preferred Bush by the same margin. The 22 point gender gap was reduced to 14 points in 2004. In nominating Samuel Alito for the Supreme Court, however, George W. Bush just told women they don't matter.

Never mind that Bush feels that one woman out of nine is plenty on the Supreme Court. Never mind that Alito was on the wrong side of Casey, that he would overturn Roe v Wade and give a woman's husband veto power over her body. That he ruled to limit the scope of the Family and Medical Leave Act should be enough to horrify even conservative women. This is our chance to stand up for mainstream common sense against the Republicans.

We have the votes for a filibuster of Alito, with the vast majority of the Democratic caucus + Chaffee, Snowe, Collins, and even Specter. That will bring the "nuclear" confrontation. We need vulnerable senators like DeWine, Burns, Talent, Kyl, etc to be squirming at the prospect of casting a deciding vote for Alito and giving their Democratic opponents a way to wedge conservative women from the GOP.

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