Tuesday :: Nov 1, 2005

GOP A Little Too Cocky Today

by Steve

This follow-up story by Newsweek’s Tom Curry on this afternoon’s Senate developments is interesting on several fronts.

First, read some of Bill Frist’s comments:

Frist called Reid’s maneuver a “political stunt.” Is this the same guy who gave a long-distance diagnosis to, and expedited several votes for Terri Schiavo?

“For the next year and a half I can’t trust Sen. Reid,” he added.
That train for you senator left the station about the same time you lied to the Senate and the nation about your conflict of interest in HCA stock.

Then a senior GOP senate aide had these words of wisdom.

“First, they don’t like that (special prosecutor Patrick) Fitzgerald ended his investigation and that was all it was. Second, (Supreme Court nominee Samuel) Alito is up and who knows where the votes are on his (Reid’s) side? Third, there’s a deficit reduction bill on the Senate floor. They (the Democrats) are not in a position of strength.” But this aide said, “This has longer-term repercussions. The Democrats no longer have any standing to complain about the ‘nuclear option,’” that is, the proposed rule change that would eliminate the use of filibuster to block votes on judicial nominees.
Well Ace, go ahead and keep thinking that Fitzgerald is done. Go ahead and keep thinking that you have the votes for Alito. And please go ahead and keep thinking that spending cuts on Medicare, Medicaid, Head Start, and food stamps foisted by Republicans while they willingly spend money unchecked on corruption and incompetence in Iraq is a winning strategy.

And lastly Ace, we’re no longer worried about you nimrods springing the nuclear option. Go for it.

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