Wednesday :: Nov 2, 2005

As Bush Approval Plummets To 35%, White House Talks About Ditching Turdblossom

by Steve

Heading for Nixon territory, Bush’s approval rating has now fallen in the latest CBS News poll to a number that represents his hard core base of cultists: 35%.

Frankly, I never thought we’d see the mid-30’s, but we are in fact there already.

The right track/wrong track number is a hideous 27%/68%.

As for Iraq, only 31% say the war has been worth its costs, whereas 64% say it hasn’t.

One more thing on Bush’s current approval rating: Clinton’s never fell below the mid-50’s during the height of the Lewinsky impeachment witch hunt.

So, if everything the White House has tried recently to turn things around has failed, I guess there’s only one thing left to do: it’s time to toss Karl on the bonfire.

The politics of polarization can only take you so far.

(Thanks to Jonathan for the tip)

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