Friday :: Nov 4, 2005

Is Bush's Cultist Base Finally Shrinking?

by Steve

Yes, I know it’s another poll showing a historic low point for Bush’s approval rating, but yesterday’s ABC News/Washington Post poll shows some cracks in the cultist base that shouldn’t go unnoticed.

Yes, Bush’s approval rating in this poll is now down to 39%. Yes, his disapproval rating is now up to 60%. By the way, note that after five years of this guy, there are only 1% of the respondents who haven’t made their minds up about him. Opinions are set on Bush.

The Post notes that the Plame case has taken its toll on Bush’s integrity rating with respondents. 58% now say they have doubts about his honesty. Over half think that Scooter’s indictment signals the presence of deeper ethical problems with the administration. Half think that Rove also did something wrong, and 60% think that Rove should resign.

And with all this, it appears that the depth of Bush’s support is now far less than is the opposition to him:

The intensity of Bush's support has changed since his reelection a year ago, with opponents deepening their hostility toward the administration. In the latest survey, 47 percent said they strongly disapprove of the way he was performing in office, compared with 35 percent who expressed strong disapproval in January. At the same time, the percentage who say they strongly approve of his performance has fallen from 33 percent last January to 20 percent today.

Now, here is my question for the day: Does a 13-point shrinkage in the size of the cult represent a politically fatal problem for Bush from this point on?

(Thanks to the Post for the graphic)

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