Friday :: Nov 4, 2005

Played Like A Piano

by pessimist

While the Ol' Pessimist hasn't been pumping out the posts lately, that doesn't mean that I haven't been noticing things that deserve publication.

One of these has been the return of the SUVs and big pickups to Southern California roads this week. I happened to recall that we had this happen earlier this year when the gas prices first shot past $2.50/gal.

At that time, as the cost of fuel began to hurt, the SUVs and pickups were ness noticeable on the roads, with smaller cars becoming more prevalent, but after the first peak and the prices began to settle down to around $2.40/gal., the SUVs and pickups came back out, and the gas prices rose slightly to about $2.50/gal.

This last time, with gas generally hovering around $2.99/gal for a while, the same thing happened: SUVs and big pickups sat on the driveway while the small cars were used to communte. But this week, as SoCal gas prices reached $2.60, out came the big guys again, and the prices seem to have stabilized around $2.60/gal.

If I were an energy industry executive, I would be watching this trend, as it indicates price acceptance by the buying public. It would tell me when I had pushed the price up too far and when it was again acceptable.

As anyone who has studied behavioral psychology knows, this is how one conditions subject behavior, watching for such reactions to various stimuli which is intended to produce a desired behavior.

Who is to say that paying more at the pump isn't one such desire of the plutocrats who have sent over 2,000 Americans to die for their right to gouge us?

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