Saturday :: Nov 5, 2005

Meet The Crooks

by eriposte

David Brooks.

Bill Kristol. (More here.)

They first cheer-led and demanded a war with Iraq because the absence of evidence was not the same as evidence of absence (of WMDs).

The U.N. inspectors found nothing? Well, that Saddam guy was just hiding all the baaaaaaad naaaaasty stuff, they said! Then they sent America's bravest to their deaths for the Grand Game of the Chickenhawks, while they sat back like the cowards they were, with Faux News providing the background music for their unAmerican "game".

Now, the GOP's neocon trash faction have a Grand Unified Theory of Intelligence Manipulation.

Absence of evidence - of White House manipulation of intel in the "Robb-Silberman report" - is the same as evidence of absence.

There are some choice words that these people deserve. I trust history will show them to be the anti-American partisans that they are.

That said, there's no dearth or absence of evidence for the Bush administration's deliberate manipulation of intel in an effort to deceive the American public.

There was actually a "bipartisan" report that uncovered it (but didn't call it what it was). Here is a small sample.

P.S. Also see this link from reader KM, this earlier compilation of mine and the "Iraq on the Record" report.
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