Monday :: Nov 7, 2005

Open Thread

by Mary

Did you ever wonder how the radical Republicans could have created such a mess so fast? Why are so many leading Republicans neck-deep in corruption? How is it that so many in the party have floundered on the shores of greed, incompetence and irrationality?

Perhaps it comes from the underlying philosophy that so many Republican leaders grabbed on to in order to gain power -- the philosophy that it is okay to lie to people and deceive them of what you are really doing. Last year, I wrote that using deceptive language as recommended by Luntz and the other Republican propagandists can lead to disasterous results. The leading strategiests believe the ends justify the means and thus, they've created a secretive, deceitful and totally immoral system that will continue to infect the body politic long after they are gone.

So what do you think happened? And even more important, how can we rescue our country from the Wormtongues that hold our nation in thrall?

Tonight's open thread is now open for business.

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