Tuesday :: Nov 8, 2005

Another line of attack on Joseph Wilson

by eriposte

Hesiod sends a note about a Swift Boater "Maj. General Paul Vallely" who, per this World Nut Daily article:

...claimed Wilson revealed wife Valerie Plame's employment with the CIA to him in a casual conversation the year before she allegedly was "outed" by columnist Robert Novak.

That would be this Paul Vallely:

May 8 [2003]: Fox News Military Analyst Major General Paul Vallely states on The O’Reilly Factor that "Middle East agents" have told him that Iraq’s WMDs along with 17 mobile weapons labs (1 of which was captured around May 2) are now buried in the Bakaa [Bekaa] Valley in Syria 30 meters underground.  He also claims that France helped Iraqi leaders escape to Europe by providing them with travel papers [a charge that even the Pentagon later denies although it's apparent that's where Vallely got his information].

As World Nut Daily notes:

Meanwhile, Wilson's lawyer Christopher Wolf notified Vallely and WorldNetDaily that his office mailed an official demand letter yesterday threatening a lawsuit unless the general retracts his claim.

The letter follows an e-mail Saturday to both Vallely and WND warning of legal action.

There's more in the World Nut Daily article about how Vallely had to adjust his, er, "recollection" to clarify the "the number of occasions Wilson mentioned his wife's status".

There's never a dearth of bottom-feeders on the Far Right.

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