Tuesday :: Nov 8, 2005

Lame Duck?

by Steve

Arnold is about to go hitless. Although Proposition 75 (the union dues initiative) was ahead by 16,000 votes as of 11:00 PM Pacific time, Los Angeles County had counted less than 10% of its precincts. The rest of the propositions are losing.

If the man goes 0-4 and the state GOP loses out on getting anything through tonight, why would the Democrats in the Legislature even bother to pay attention to the Administration next year, when they could just wait for a new governor? What started out as a promise for reform led by an actor-turned-politician who said he didn't want special interest money turned out to be another charade that cost over $60 million and has probably derailed an administration a year before the re-election campaign. I'd like to know which political rocket scientists advised the man to put his leverage on the line with approval ratings in the 30's. But then we predicted this self-induced knee-capping by Schwarzenegger when he hooked up with Beltway GOP sleazeballs a long time ago.

Update: As of 11:30, with the LA vote now coming in, Arnold will go 0-4 tonight. And f*ck you Grover Norquist; take your fat ass out of my state and back to the Beltway whorehouse where you belong.

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