Wednesday :: Nov 9, 2005

Paul Vallely's pants on fire

by eriposte

There's one thing about Far Right Republicans which is more predictable than the fact that the sun rises in the east. They are flagrant liars with ZERO moral values. If there was a law against lying, let's just say Bush will be forced to issue pardons day and night for an extended period of time.

Paul Vallely, version 1 [World Nut Daily] - emphasis mine:

...Paul Vallely told WorldNetDaily that Wilson mentioned Plame's status as a CIA employee over the course of at least three, possibly five, conversations in 2002 in the Fox News Channel's "green room" in Washington, D.C., as they waited to appear on air as analysts.

Paul Vallely, version 2 [World Nut Daily] - emphasis mine:

Since speaking with WND late Friday, Vallely has clarified the number of occasions Wilson mentioned his wife's status and when the conversation occurred.

After recalling further over the weekend his contacts with Wilson, Vallely says now it was on just one occasion – the first of several conversations – that the ambassador revealed his wife's employment with the CIA and that it likely occurred some time in the late summer or early fall of 2002.

From Talk Left's great summary of the case against Vallely (emphasis mine):

From the transcript of Britt Hume's show November 7, 2005:

Retired Army general and FOX News contributor, Paul Vallely, says he knew that former ambassador Joseph Wilson's wife Valerie Plame was a CIA agent long before she was outed in a newspaper column in 2003 because Wilson told him so.

Vallely says Wilson volunteered the information in at least three separate conversations while both men were awaiting to appear on Fox News programs during the fall of 2002. Wilson's lawyers are demanding a retraction and an apology, and in an email received by World Net Daily, Wilson, himself, called the claims slanderous.

The "three separate occasions" sounds like a fabrication. Perhaps Vallely ran a check and found three separate dates they both appeared and didn't think anyone would run the times of the appearances and learn that all but one were hours apart.

It doesn't just sound like a fabrication, Jeralyn. It was a blatant fabrication. A sign that Paul Vallely was perhaps trying to ape serial liar and fraud John O'Neill of the Swift Boat Frauds.

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