Wednesday :: Nov 9, 2005

Wednesday Afternoon Quick Hits - Say Goodbye To Judy Kneepads

by Steve

There’s a lot happening today, both election related and not. Rather than do a bunch of posts, here are some quick hits for you to comment on.

First, Scott McClellan is nothing more than a wussy-assed lying bastard who can’t answer a question from Helen Thomas repeatedly on whether or not the Vice President asked the Senate to approve torture. He finally resorted to the tried and true GOP tactic of “calm down you whiny old woman” routine, and then saw other reporters start asking him to answer the question as well. What a miserable excuse for a man McClellan is.

Pay close attention to how Tim Kaine won in Virginia yesterday, riding on the work done by outgoing governor Mark Warner, who has shown that a values-oriented Democrat can win in a red state by cutting into the traditional GOP suburban base. And yes, for anyone who asks, my early choice in 2008 is Warner, who was one clear winner last night while Bush was one clear loser.

Exactly how certain is it that Samuel Alito would vote to overturn Roe v. Wade? And why did he not recuse himself from a case involving his investments?

Judy Miller will be taking her kneepads somewhere else, now that the damage has been done at the Times. But why stop at Miller, when Bill Keller’s ass should be sent packing as well?

After yesterday, you’ll see more and more GOP incumbents ask Bush to stay away next year.

Support intelligent design at the expense of teaching evolution, and get your wingnut ass handed to you when you run for reelection on the school board.

Before anyone gets too excited at the sight of GOP senators beating up oil company executives at a hearing today, remember that those same GOP senators refused to put the greedy bastards under oath.

Lastly, Tony Blair suffered his first major defeat today when Parliament, including 49 of his own MPs, failed to support his 90-day detainment policy, and instead opted for only a 28-day detainment policy for terror suspects without charges being filed.

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