Wednesday :: Nov 9, 2005

How Far Will Bush's Numbers Fall When The Fallujah White Phosphorus Story Gets Reported Here?

by Steve

There’s another poll out tonight showing another new low for Bush in that particular poll. This time it’s the latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll that shows Bush’s approval rating down to a new low of 38%, with his honesty rating now down to only 33%, and with nearly 80% of those polled saying that the Libby indictment is a big deal to them.

And read this:

Indeed, Iraq — which has emerged as the public’s top priority in the poll — has become a particularly thorny issue for Bush. Fifty-seven percent believe he deliberately misled people to make the case for war, compared with 35 percent who say he gave the most accurate information he had. In addition, 58 percent are less confident the war will come to a successful conclusion, and 57 percent say the United States should reduce the number of U.S. troops there.

57% now believe that Bush deliberately misled the country to take us into war?

That’s bad enough. But how will voters feel if the stories about U. S. forces using chemical weapons (white phosphorus) against Iraqi civilians in the post-2004 election battle at Fallujah finally get wide media distribution here in the states? Who exactly authorized the indiscriminate use of such weaponry against a captive population in the days after the election here, especially when our own troops admit they had no idea where the weapons were landing and who was being affected?

Are these not war crimes against noncombatants under an occupation?

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