Saturday :: Nov 12, 2005

Condi's Latest Accomplishment On The "All Sizzle, No Steak" Tour

by Steve

It’s good to see how much influence Condi and Karen Hughes are having in the Middle East in their efforts to spread Bush’s message of liberation and democracy, and in improving our image in the region. The first Forum for the Future, assembled by the Bush Administration and hosted by Egypt at the suggestion of the Bush Administration, just broke up in rancor without a final statement on economic and democratic principles because the host country refused to endorse what the US was pursuing.

As for when a declaration of principles will be developed, one participant said today:

“We decided we will come back to it one day.”

That's called "getting played" Condi, in case you didn't know.

The best spin the United States could put on the failed proceedings was that Saudi Arabia seemed to embrace democracy.

Wow, another major milestone. Boy, this Bush foreign policy team sure is accomplishing a lot, aren’t they? Five years after this team came into office, and after launching a war meant to show the regimes in the region that we were all business and the big stick, leaders from the region tell us today that progress towards democracy won’t happen until there is progress on Middle East peace and the Israeli-Palestinian bloodletting.

In other words, not a damn thing has changed, no matter what country we invade and get tied down in, no matter how ineptly we help Al Qaeda spread in the region, no matter how many times Bush walks hand in hand with the Saudis, no matter how many times Laura Bush tells the Egyptians how great they are for democracy and the rights of women, and no matter how many different clothes and hair styles Condi wears.

In fact, can anyone point to a single major accomplishment by Condi Twin Mirrors since she was all-too-willing to push her mentor out of Foggy Bottom, aside from her wardrobe, her ability to shop for new shoes while people were dying from Katrina, and her ability to garner great press coverage while seemingly getting nothing done in North Korea, China, Europe, and now the Middle East?

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