Sunday :: Nov 13, 2005

Treasongate: La Repubblica picks up Left Coaster finding on Niger forgeries

by eriposte

If some of you stopped by The Left Coaster on Friday, after seeing Josh Marshall's post which said this (among other things):

Very interesting news out of Italy this morning, and news which appears to confirm a theory advanced recently by a poster at (big coup for him, about which I'll explain more later).
But there's one more small detail, reported this morning in La Repubblica. The report sent over from Italy removed the out-of-date names (one of the key reasons they were spotted later as forgeries) and replaced them with the correct names. In other words, there seems to have been a conscious effort to cover up the fact that the documents were bogus, to clean them up, as it were.

...then, let me add that La Repubblica's article has now been kindly translated and made available by Nur Al-Cubicle - here. Other than the fact that I would not call The Left Coaster a "radical" blog as La Repubblica seems to have (:-)), they do cover some of the key points I highlighted in my series (and conclusions). Especially the one about Allele Elhadj Habibou:

The attention of several Democratic Senators’ offices has been turned lately to the observations found in a little radical blog ( Why does the Senate Report attribute a letter written by Allele Dihadj Habibou to Nassirou Sabo? Who is disinforming whom?

La Repubblica seems to add some additional information from the Italian end. I hope to return to their article later today or tomorrow to take a closer look. [UPDATE: Here is my analysis of their article.]

In the meantime, you can check out Nur Al-Cubicle's translation and compare it to what I said in my Niger forgeries investigation.

P.S. Nur Al-Cubicle link (and the quote from that link) has been updated since the first posting. Please see the comments section of Nur Al-Cubicle's post as well because the translation is not exact and some literary "license" has been used. If anyone finds a different translation feel free to post a link to that in the comments.

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