Monday :: Nov 14, 2005

Gee, Gas Prices Sure Have Fallen Suddenly

by Steve

Does anyone believe that gas prices have fallen as far and fast as they supposedly have because refineries and pipelines have suddenly come back into service after the hurricanes, and because there is suddenly an abundance of supply? Or do you think it has something to do with the aggressiveness of state Attorney Generals to go after the oil companies thirty times over when the GOP Senate and Abu Gonzales Justice Department have abdicated their responsibilities?

Did that increased demand from China and India suddenly dry up? Did that shortage of refining capacity from the 1990's suddenly get resolved? Did domestic demand suddenly fall through the floor? Remember that gas prices were going up before the hurricanes, at the end of the driving season.

Or did the oil companies get the psychological reconditioning they wanted by making $2.25 a gallon gas look more acceptable now, comfortable in the knowledge that the Bush Justice Department nor the GOP Senate will screw up their scam?

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