Tuesday :: Nov 15, 2005

Tuesday Morning Update

by Steve

Is Samuel Alito against “one person, one vote”? In fact, there are several areas where Judge Alito will have some explaning to do.

Fred Kaplan of Slate skewers Bush’s latest “you f*cked up, you trusted us!” defense.

An emailer to Josh Marshall asks a good question: when did it become an acceptable use of the federal government for the Commander in Chief to use a military base as a prop to attack the opposition party?

E. J. Dionne reminds us today that the Bush White House intentionally injected the Iraq war vote into the 2002 midterm elections by rolling out its new product in August 2002 and then using the pending war vote as a club against Democrats that year. And that is before we begin talking about rushing past Congress the October 2002 National Intelligence Estimate and the shorter White Paper. The New York Times, in its lead editorial today, does a deconstruction of Bush’s new “you f*cked up, you trusted us!” defense and points out the lies, as does a news story in today’s edition.

Rather than have him arrested for being what the FBI believed to be a spy for the Iranians, Ahmed Chalabi got a private meeting with Dick and Rummy while Bush was out of town, a meeting without cameras anywhere in sight.

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