Wednesday :: Nov 16, 2005

Reid Laments Miers' Treatment By Conservatives, Bush's Abandonment Of Women And Hispanics On High Court

by Steve

Harry Reid made a clever speech this morning on the Senate floor about the Samuel Alito nomination. After beginning with a complaint that the nomination resulted from a lack of consultation with the Democrats, Reid addressed some points that we made here in our first post about Alito’s nomination:

"The second reason I have early concerns about this nomination is that it represents an abandonment of the principle that the Supreme Court should be comprised of highly qualified individuals with diverse backgrounds, experiences and heritages.
"It is so striking that President Bush has chosen a man to replace Sandra Day O'Connor, the first of only two women ever appointed to the Supreme Court. Today, unlike 24 years ago when O'Connor herself was nominated, more than half of the nation's law students are women. There are countless qualified women on the bench, in elective office, in law firms, and serving as law school deans. I cannot believe the President searched the country and was unable to find a qualified female nominee. But maybe he was unable to find a qualified female nominee who happened to satisfy the far right wing of the Republican Party.
"Meanwhile, for the third time, this President has turned down the opportunity to make history by nominating the first Hispanic to the Court. How much longer must Hispanics across America wait before they see someone on the nation's highest court who shares their ethnic heritage and their shared experiences?

Reid then came to Harriet Miers’ defense and attacked her treatment by the right wing.

Let's not sugarcoat the truth: the nomination of Harriet Miers was derailed by the overwhelming opposition of right wing activists. They campaigned against her, they ran advertising against her, and they finally succeeded in defeating her nomination even before this fine woman was afforded an opportunity to make her case to the Senate Judiciary Committee.
"Earlier this year we heard Senator after Senator and conservative commentators across the airwaves declare that every judicial nominee is entitled to an up or down vote. I have one question for those Senators and commentators: When exactly will Harriet Miers receive her up or down vote?
"The White House made a half-hearted effort to argue that the Miers nomination was withdrawn in the face of an impasse over what documents would be provided to the Senate. That is a pretext, a laughable cover story.
"Harriet Miers was forced to withdraw by conservative activists who want to change the legal landscape of America. They decided she was inadequately radical or insufficiently aggressive for their purposes, so they gave her the boot.

Reid ended up by taking a shot at Bill “Insider Trader” Frist’s preemptive threat about the nuclear option, telling Billy to cool it.

This will be fun.

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