Thursday :: Nov 17, 2005

Pelosi Leads United Democratic Caucus And 22 GOP Moderates To Kill Spending Cuts

by Steve

Nancy Pelosi just clobbered the House GOP leadership when she led a united Democratic caucus and 22 moderate Republicans into rejecting a $142.5 billion spending bill on health, education, and social programs. The surprising vote was 224-209 against the bill, and the defeat for the GOP leadership will not only upset their plans to finish work on all the spending bills and the major reconciliation bill by the holiday, but will also force the GOP to push its cuts through if it can in a major omnibus budget bill later this year that the Democrats can then use against GOP incumbents in 2006.

The rejection came just hours after the GOP leadership said they were hopeful that they would pass the cuts. This loss by the leadership will force open fissures in the GOP caucus between the moderates and the conservatives who want to cut domestic spending while handing out more tax cuts to the rich.

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