Thursday :: Nov 17, 2005

Wall Street Journal Shoots Down Hadley As Woodward's Source - Other Names Remain

by Steve

The Wall Street Journal runs a story in Friday's edition that shoots down the "Hadley as Woodward's source" story that Raw Story broke yesterday. But when you read the list of folks who have been contacted by the media for denials since Woodward broke his story earlier this week, there are two names that don't show up on the denial list: Ari Fleischer and Rummy, as well as Steve Cambone and Wolfowitz.

In the interest of fairness and accuracy, I went with the Raw Story piece, and now find out that someone at Hadley's office is denying that he spoke to Woodward. If it turns out that Hadley wasn't Woodward's source, then I apologize for going with that piece.

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