Friday :: Nov 18, 2005

As Hadley Parses Words, Fitzgerald Readies Another Grand Jury

by Steve

News comes today that Patrick Fitzgerald has been moving on two fronts. First, he has notified the federal court through a new filing that he will be presenting new evidence to a sitting grand jury, just as he said he would do if he dug up new grounds for indictments. Fitzgerald notified the court of this late yesterday when he also notified the court that he would agree to a partial sun-shining of the documents he has for evidence in the Libby indictment. I suspect Fitzgerald is agreeing to sunshine some of his evidence if for no other reason than to shut up Libby’s team that the Woodward revelations undercut the base case against Libby, which they do not.

Secondly, Fitzgerald issued indictments late yesterday against Conrad Black for destroying the Hollinger media empire. Black is a right wing player who would have an interesting paper trail behind him, which would include none other than Richard Perle.

Going back to the leak case, Raw Story is standing by its story that Hadley was the source for Woodward, and their sources for the story say that there is a record of a meeting between Hadley and Woodward wherein Hadley mentioned Plame’s identity in an off-handed way while Woodward was interviewing him for “Plan of Attack.” Yet a spokesperson for Hadley again said today that he wasn’t a source for Woodward, so what this may all revolve around is how Hadley characterizes himself versus how Woodward sees him.

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