Saturday :: Nov 19, 2005

London's Sunday Times Now Also Says Hadley Was Woodward's Source

by Steve

Earlier this week, I ran with Raw Story’s scoop that Hadley was Woodward’s source, only to see a spokesperson for the NSA shoot down the idea a day later to the Wall Street Journal. I traded emails with Raw Story Managing Editor Larissa Alexandrovna, who told me they had more than two independent sources and stood by their story. So if Raw Story was correct, then the NSA NSC spokesperson lied to the WSJ, which was more or less confirmed for me today when Raw Story reported that a NSA mouthpiece didn’t want what they were giving Raw Story to be attributed to the NSA but rather to the White House.

Tomorrow, the Sunday Times of London is going with the story that Hadley was Woodward’s source. And the reporter who is running this story is none other than Michael Smith of Downing Street Memos fame, who has more credibility in his hand than Woodward or Judy Kneepads have collectively in their entire bodies.

So kudos once again to Larissa and the gang at Raw Story. As to what this means, I repeat what I said when the story first came out.

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