Monday :: Nov 21, 2005

While Scanlon Smiles, The Rest Won't Be

by Steve

(Michael Scanlon, practicing his Tom DeLay “all smiles” pose after pleading guilty today)

Even as Tom DeLay’s lackeys think their hero will get off scot-free tomorrow, it may not matter now. Former DeLay staffer and Jack Abramoff partner Michael Scanlon, as expected today, just pled guilty to conspiring to bribe public officials (the House GOP) and will be cooperating with federal prosecutors in what will be a far larger headache for the GOP than any of us can imagine.

There are at least several dozen House GOP members (including Bob Ney, who is now cooperating with prosecutors) and numerous lobbyists and White House officials (Gail Norton) who will have another stiff one tonight (and I don’t mean Jeff Gannon) because of this.

And why is Scanlon smiling? Because he was the one smart enough to come in early, cut a deal that will ensure he will never see the inside of a cell, pay the astounding sum of $19 million in restitution (which means he has millions more he gets to keep), and take down the rest of them.

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