Tuesday :: Nov 22, 2005

China laughing is not a good thing

by Duckman GR

I wanted to mention another part of the article Steve linked to below, that struck me as typical of the press reporting, and bush’s pr.

Bush brought up the growing Iraq debate when he met reporters after inconclusive talks with President Hu Jintao about friction in U.S.-China relations. Bush ran into stiff resistance from the Chinese to his call for expanding religious freedom and human rights.

He also reported no breakthroughs toward reducing China's massive trade surplus, overhauling its currency system or protecting intellectual property rights.

Bush wanted to talk to China about their problems, as perceived by us, and was rebuffed, embarrassingly enough, the Leader of the Free World hardly seemed to notice.

The president took satisfaction simply in the fact that Hu mentioned human rights when the two leaders made joint statements to the press. [snipbushdrivelsnip] "He talked about democracy."

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice complained [snipreally, who cares,who’s interested in what this liar has to saysnip]

The president packed a lot into his Beijing visit. [Hahahahahahaha]

In a country where the practice of religion is harshly restricted, Bush worshipped at a church and complimented the preacher on her sermon.
[snipbush being “personable”snip]

When a reporter suggested Bush had seemed unenthusiastic in his joint appearance with Hu, the president responded, "Have you ever heard of jet lag?" [bush tries to run away, hahahahahahalosersnip]

Christ, what a joke. As you might recall, China found bush lacking during the P-3 incident, bush’s biggest concern, remember, was whether the air crew had effing bibles, and being the more experienced politicos that they are, Chinese civilization stretching back a wee bit further than ours, surely they find this simpleton barely worth the effort.

The reporting spends as much time on bush’s meaningless defense of Rep. Murtha, as on the fact that the trip accomplished nothing. But isn’t that the heart of the matter here? That this trip accomplished nothing, that China slapped bush silly and nobody in the press or the bush camp really seems to have noticed. And make no mistake, the Chinese government must be just licking their chops over this guy. What’s he going to do if they invade Taiwan or string up a bunch of dissidents? They’re so busy making deals and securing capital from around the world, and this pathetic fool can’t even figure out how to run away from the mean ol press and their mean ol questions.

Yup, a nothing mission accomplished on those annoying little matters like “reducing China's massive trade surplus, overhauling its currency system or protecting intellectual property rights.” You know, the things that matter, that actually affect our lives on a daily basis.

“For some reason, the national media seems convinced that currency manipulation and other trade issues will top President Bush's agenda when he meets with Chinese leaders this weekend. Heaven knows why. It’s not as if he's expressed any serious interest in the subject up until now. It's not as if Congress has passed a bill forcing – or even asking – him to deal with Chinese protectionism. And it's not as if Congress is even close to passing such a bill.

But lets say the national media is right for a change [hoo boy, that's rich! sniff! Sorry]. In that case, the President will no doubt want some handy talking points to show that something is rotten in U.S.-China trade. And he needn’t look much farther than the latest monthly trade figures put out by the Census Bureau.” And that would be the republican dominated Congress I add.

This Chicago Trib article gives a great sense of the cheney slapping China gave bush on his trip. Note how bush says some nonsense, and President Hu Jintao just throws it right back at him, all the while smiling no doubt. My bolds in the following.

In a sign of China's widening diplomatic leverage, President Bush on Sunday ended his first visit to Beijing in more than three years with no clear commitments on issues ranging from China's trade surplus and currency valuation to intellectual property rights and democratization.

Bush appealed directly to Chinese leaders to expand religious and political freedoms for their people as he also sought new assurances on China's growing economic and military power.

"It is important that social, political and religious freedoms grow in China," Bush said, standing with Chinese President Hu Jintao after their meeting at the Great Hall of the People. "And we encourage China to continue making the historic transition to greater freedom."

The Chinese president, who has overseen a crackdown on dissidents, journalists and non-governmental organizations since he took office in March 2003, said China has been making "notable and historic" progress on political reform.

"It is inevitable that China and the United States may have some different opinions on some issues," he added. "The two sides ought to follow a spirit of mutual respect and seeking common ground."

Of course they’re making progress on political reform. Their way.

Bush’s pet projects, religious bullshit and human rights, got nothing, nothing, falling on closed ears, because, frankly, how persuasive can you be preaching about human rights when you are busily violating them all over the globe, when your 2nd in Command (or 1st, depending on the strength of your reality) is busily advocating for legal cover to continue to torture people? The Chinese are far to polite and respectful and intelligent to laugh at bush, but behind their silk screens…..?

Oh, but bush was the first president to visit Mongolia? Well, whoop de effing doo. Meanwhile, back in the real world of real consequences, even as the bushco/gop/corporatist axis spins itself apart, do we dare to begin to address the failure of our own?

Digby writes, and I copy, with attribution of course. [My bold]

It's not that it [9-11 of course, what, you were thinking the Theory of Relativity?] changed us so much as it revealed us, I think. A society that can so easily discard it's legal and ethical taboos against cruelty and barbarism, is an unstable society to begin with.

At this rather late stage in life, I'm realizing that the solid America I thought I knew may never have existed. Running very close, under the surface, was a frightened, somewhat hysterical culture that could lose its civilized moorings all at once. I had naively thought that there were some things that Americans would find unthinkable --- torture was one of them.

Iraq was lost the instant we started shooting, when shock and awe was launched. That’s when we lost our moral authority to tell the Iraqi’s and the Chinese what kind of world they needed to build for themselves. Because it was guaranteed that things would turn out the way they are in Iraq. And China just keeps making their deals and buying our IOU's.

Good job george, good job, way to show those Chinese who's boss!

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