Thursday :: Nov 24, 2005

The Color Purple

by pessimist

Pensito Review is carving up the turkey:

Here are the stats.

On the day before Thanksgiving, American liberals should take a moment out of their busy lives and thank President Bush for doing what others have said could not done:

He has united the country - against himself.

So much opposition! If only we could rewind back to November 2004 and try that election thing again! Now that George can't rely consitantly upon 'purple' Democrats like Joe Biden and Joe Lieberman, that has to be generating even more purple - in his face - as he rages against the dying blight of his (mi$)Admini$tration.

It isn't just the Democrats that aren't playing the great game by George's rules:

Without the votes of purple Democrats, House GOP leaders now have to pay more attention to the demands of moderates in their own caucus.

"If this trend continues, it suggests a very different 2006," says Mr. Franc. "If Republicans enter the year on the working assumption that they're not going to pick up any meaningful support on the Democratic side on anything, they're going to have to figure out whether to lean toward the middle to get the bulk on board, or get into a Lord-of-the-Flies situation where they start tossing each other off the cliff."

Considering what they have to work with, I suspect that the latter situation is the more likely, especially when one considers that a relibale conservative vote in the Log Cabin form of Rep. Jim Kolbe (R-AZ) will not run for reelection next year due to 'Washington's increasingly partisan atmosphere'.

The last time we saw this situation, it was the Democrats who were losing such stars as Pat Schroeder of Colorado - as the House then fell to the Republicans. One can only hope that the scenario plays out in a similar manner, only against the GOP this time.

But in the spirit of Good Sportsmanship, the Democrats have some electoral advice for their moderate GOP colleagues:

Democrats say it could be GOP moderates that suffer in midterm elections, unless they join Democrats in opposing the Bush agenda. "The only way we have any power is if we stick together. We have to make the Republican moderates take the tough votes, and then use their votes against them," says Brendan Daly, a spokesman for the Democratic leadership.

Maybe we could also have them read Washington's Farewell Address while they are in recess. They should at least have the time to read the parts about 'factions' before dinner is served! Then we'll see what kind of patriots they really are - and whether they will act as such.

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