Tuesday :: Nov 29, 2005

“A moron, an idiot or a nefarious bastard."

by paradox

Lawrence Wilkerson, former chief of staff to that disgraced sycophant Colin Powell, has hit the AP diplomatic wire this morning with a white-barreled pistol whup on his old campaneros, Dick Cheney and George Bush.

Said that Cheney must have believed Iraq was a breeding ground for the ultimate evil-doers of the galaxy, otherwise he would have to proclaim Cheney “a moron, an idiot or a nefarious bastard."

Motivations for this outburst were not given, and it’s difficult to see what Wilkerson is really doing this for. He isn’t singing for some lesser indictment, he’s isn’t being chased around by Mike Wallace or masticated by Katie Couric, he isn’t trying to become Catholic. Who knows, maybe the poor bastard feels compelled to say the truth.

Somebody shoulda asked him. Look at the sunzabitch’s zippy mug in the wire piece, two six guns pointed out, smoke curling from the index fingers. Did I say this, promising the fury of the most vicious thugs DC has ever seen, currently under indictment for going after a guy's wife, because I revere the truth? [swish those fingers] You betcha!

Wilkerson, of course, does not elucidate the perfectly obvious catch-22 of this public statement of soaring truth that has so invigorated the republic this morning. Given all the available intelligence on Iraq and the empirical proof that Saudis hit us on 9-11, not Iraqis, only or moron, an idiot or a nefarious bastard would believe Iraq was a spawning ground for terrorists. Wilkerson’s got Cheney both ways here, Jesus bless his lapel-pinned ass.

My soul sighs sweetly typing the quote, for only yesterday I called the DOD a bunch of fucking morons and later regretted the lapse. If Powell’s chief of staff says it, hell, it isn’t just me.

This asshole Wilkerson, stating an obvious truth that was apparent twenty years ago, of course didn’t provide us with any answers on how to get out of this incredible mess or what the next best move should be. He’s made the DC war felon freaks really mad, but it really doesn’t change anything.

Maybe I’m being too hard on him. After all, when the Republicans start calling Cheney a moron, an idiot or a nefarious bastard the country might be back on the right track after all.

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