Wednesday :: Nov 30, 2005

Nothing Less Than Complete Victory

by Marie

That’s GWB’s mission. The US will stay the course in Iraq until all terrorists and Saddamists have been destroyed.

He pulled out all his rhetorical cards for his “major policy address” today. Freedom, democracy, 9/11, terrorism, courage, touching personal stories, blah, blah, blah. But most interesting was that he retreated back to his strategy of 2000. It’s him and the people of America against the entrenched political forces in DC (except for his buddy Joe Lieberman) calling for an artificial timetable to withdraw. In his world, only those in Washington can’t see how well the war is going. There are 40, 60, 100 battle ready Iraqi battalions; maybe not up to the standards of US battalions but well up to NATO standards. The people in Iraq see “freedom on the march.” Democracy is flowering. Baghdad Disney is right around the corner.

Strange that GWB can still recall 9/11/01 and has no recollection of the WMD, mushroom clouds, aluminum tubes, yellowcake of 2002 and 2003 that he used to take this country to war. Or did this country just dream that Bu$hCo said that Saddam was getting ready to nuke us? Posed a clear and present danger to this country?

Will America again buy GWB as the outsider? The one riding a white pickup truck to slay the Washington dragons? Before the invasion, 56% of Americans either didn’t want a war with Iraq or didn’t trust GWB to make the call on starting a war with Iraq. The only constituency that lined up firmly behind him was Congress. American war jingoism gave GWB that extra six or so percent of those in the “mushy middle” once the bombs began dropping. It’s not that these people are “moderates” so much as they don’t think much beyond getting on the winning side. As they began to smell the stench of defeat in Iraq earlier this year, they began retreating back to their original position that a war with Iraq didn’t look like a winner. They were right and GWB and Congress was wrong.

Face it George, you’ve lost those folks. They are gone, never to embrace your crusade again. The best you can do is bring back the other five to nine percent of those you’ve lost in the past few months. That means you’ll be stuck at 44% and 44% doesn’t win elections. Of course, that assumes that there is an opposition political force -- something that may remain as elusive as victory in Iraq.

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