Wednesday :: Nov 30, 2005

Glimmers of Good News

by paradox

Serious thanks to skippybkroo over at Booman’s Tribune for catching this piece in the LA Weekly: with one million ballots left to be individually verified after the California special election it turns out (ouch) that participation was a whopping 48 percent with all the initiatives losing even more badly as each vote is counted.

Yo Kevin Drum, when the fuck are you going to tell us again how we need to appeal to moderates and not turn out the base? Heya? Don’t make me come find you.

Great gratitude to David Sirota of the Huffington Post for passing on the an incredibly important news Sante Fe’s living wage law was upheld by the New Mexico court of appeals. The other 52% who didn’t vote last month? I know we could get 25% every election if the Democratic party fought and died for them for issues that put food on the table—like wage growth. We can grow our party if we finally chuck corporate money. How is it possible that in a Democracy a with a majority of citizens employed that wage growth is not on the agenda? Jesus.

Did that Greek goddess launch one hell of a site or what? Dern.

It’s been another very tough day with the war felon lying and consigning many more souls to pointless, insane death and maiming. We’re still here, and we still can get our country back next year. We will, too.

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