Thursday :: Dec 1, 2005

Media Update: Judy Says Blame The CIA; Brown Says Don't Blame Woodward; Kudos For Olbermann

by Steve

Judy Kneepads wants us to know now that she is sorry for getting those WMD stories wrong – well, sort of. She said yesterday on the BBC that she was sorry that the intelligence community got it wrong, and that she was upset that her reporting was incorrect but did everything she could to verify what she wrote. I guess she lost the IAEA’s phone number from her PDA, and she managed to gloss over the part where she was a willing propagandist for Ahmed Chalabi and Dick Cheney. Miller does say with a straight face that (even though she has written extensively about the Agency and WMDs,) she didn’t think for a moment that Scooter was revealing a possible NOC to her when he dropped a dime on Valerie Plame.

And that is Tina Brown’s take as well in defending poor Bob Woodward today, that even though the author of “Veil” would know quite well that someone who worked in the Directorate of Operations on WMDs was possibly a NOC, Woody can’t be blamed for his two years of inaction. Brown says that it is believable for Woody to think this whole messy Plame stuff was nothing more than beltway gossip. Yup, now that he, Brown, and Miller are on the inside, it's natural to think of any bad deeds by this administration as nothing more than “gossip.” But Clinton’s blowjobs were news, not gossip, right?

Kudos to Keith Olbermann for now being the Number One show on MSNBC, surpassing the pathetic and ass-kissing Tweety Matthews’ “Hardball” and the schizo Joe Scarborough. Memo to Tweety: Only you, with your need to please your GOP masters could say with a straight face that congressional bribery is a bipartisan problem. Gee Chris, have you heard of the K Street Project? How long exactly has the GOP been in total control of K Street? Or did your intern miss that class on Google searches?

(Hat tip to Jane over at FireDogLake)

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