Friday :: Dec 2, 2005

Open Thread - Pathetic GOP Edition

by Steve

Here’s several items for you to have fun with tonight. First, rumor has it, according to Steve Clemons over at the Washington Note, that Babs is pissed off at all the folks around her son who have let him down, namely Cheney and Rummy. Rumor has it that Babs will be going head-hunting right after the 2006 SOTU. Babs versus Cheney has an interesting visual associated with it, doesn’t it? But do I believe it? Nope, not yet.

Second, Ralph Reed is in deep poop over his lobbying activities in Texas during 2001 and 2002, when Saint Ralph collected over $4 million in lobbyist fees from Texas work. The only problem is that Reed wasn’t a registered lobbyist in the state at the time. Worse yet for Reed, he was doing the bidding of who else, Jack Abramoff. (Hat tip to Jane on this one, from FireDogLake)

The Washington Post is out with a Page One in Friday’s paper that shows how corrupted the Ashcroft Justice Department had become to please Karl Rove and Tom DeLay. You’ll recall DeLay’s redrawing of the Texas congressional maps to obtain five more GOP seats in time for the 2004 elections. After the redistricting, state Democrats filed a lawsuit, and lost their first challenge when a three-judge federal panel (with at least two GOP judges I’ll bet) ruled in DeLay’s favor, based in part on a supportive letter from Ashcroft’s Justice Department. As the case makes it way to the SCOTUS, we now find out that the Civil Rights Division staff unanimously opined that DeLay’s effort was in direct violation of the 1965 Voting Rights Act, yet the political appointees at the top of the Department not only overruled the staff, but also withheld the internal dissenting opinion from the three-judge panel.

Lastly, Friday's NYT has a story that indicates Abramoff may in fact flip against DeLay and the House GOP in the coming weeks.

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