Friday :: Dec 2, 2005

As Ten Marines Die Yesterday From One Bombing, Pentagon Now Fights Nearly 100 Insurgent Groups In Iraq

by Steve

On the same day that the New York Times is reporting that the Pentagon admits they are fighting a decentralized nightmare now of nearly 100 insurgent groups in Iraq who are able to operate independently of each other and who weren’t there before we toppled Hussein, the Pentagon also releases the news that ten Marines were killed in just one incident yesterday from a roadside bomb near Fallujah, with at least another 11 injured.

And the White House has settled on its cookie-cutter response to all Democratic criticism of Bush’s war plans: Scott McClellan said this morning that such criticism is “irresponsible.” You’ll be seeing a lot of that word. And following the advice of several GOP consultants earlier in the week, Bush will try and dig his way out of his hole with the two-pronged strategy of calling his Iraq critics irresponsible and a danger to the troops, while he takes credit for any good economic news like he did this morning. Frankly, the strategy makes sense, even if it is based on the usual mendacity from this group.

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