Friday :: Dec 2, 2005

Time To Shut Down The Senate Again, Harry

by Steve

When the Senate returns from its holiday recess, and before Arlen Specter gets the Samuel Alito snowball express going, it looks like Harry Reid will get a chance for a closed session encore. To no one's surprise, and despite assurances from Bill Frist, Pat Roberts has stonewalled the commencement of the Senate Intelligence Committee's Phase Two inquiry into how the White House handled pre-war intelligence on Iraq.

First, the White House said that two different inquiries (the Silberman-Robb commission, and the SSCI whitewash by Roberts) have already looked into this issue and found nothing, which was a lie. Then when Democrats turn their attention from focusing on how we got into war towards what plans Bush has for getting the troops home, the White House says that Democrats are being "irresponsible." So either way, the White House will fight, lie, and refuse any attempt to have an honest debate on Iraq. According to Hersh's New Yorker piece recently, Bush personally feels that he owes no one any accountability on Iraq because he was reelected in 2004.

Fine. Based on this:

*Reid should plan to shut the place down when they return in January;

*Reid should never accept the word of Frist or Roberts ever again on anything;

*Reid should publicly challenge their integrity;

And if Bush thinks 2004 settled Iraq, then let's reopen it. Reid and Pelosi should begin a public dialogue about whether or not people would have voted for Bush last year if they knew he was stonewalling how he led us into war, and had no plan for getting us out?

(Hat tip to Raw Story)

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