Friday :: Dec 2, 2005

John Warner Turns Tail

by Steve

Just yesterday, John “Pussy” Warner wanted an explanation on why the Pentagon was paying to plant stories in the Iraqi media, and he wanted that explanation today from the Office of the Secretary of Defense. The Pentagon and White House said they themselves were waiting to find out what the hell they were doing with that $100 million contract with the Lincoln Group, as if the field commanders were contracting themselves with the group of GOP operatives.

Now today, after the closed-door meeting with Rummy’s mouthpiece Larry DiRita, Warner leaves the meeting and says these things are necessary in a war, wiping the crap out of his drawers. And the Pentagon suddenly knows a lot about it and is taking credit for the program they knew nothing about yesterday.

My only question is whether or not Warner wears Depends under that suit when he gets slapped around by Rummy?

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