Saturday :: Dec 3, 2005

Time Magazine Poll: Red State Adults Willing To Vote Democratic Next Year

by Steve

Raw Story posted a piece a little while ago from an advance look they got at a Time Magazine poll that will be out very soon. The survey indicates that after two months of strenuous White House/GOP effort to rebuild Bush’s image from Katrina, his approval rating actually went down a statistically-insignificant one point since early September (41% now, 42% then).

Again, this is a preliminary reading, but some of the other findings in the poll are noteworthy:

*Three-quarters (76%) of those who disapprove of the job Bush is doing say they are “unlikely to change their mind.”

*Looking forward to the 2008 election, three-in-five (60%) surveyed by TIME say they would like the next President to be “completely different” from George W. Bush (36% would like someone similar).

But here is the finding I noted above all else:

Red state residents are split on whether they will be more likely to vote for a Republican (42%) or Democratic (42%) candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives in their districts next year. Blue states are more in favor of the Democratic candidate (55% Democratic vs. 30% Republican).

Again, this is a preliminary reading of a poll out later this weekend, and it is taken of all adults, not of likely voters. But you can’t escape that problem for the GOP in their own red state base if adults in those states are equally open to the idea of voting for a Democrat as they are for a Republican in 2006. It calls into question the GOP talking point that they will hold onto the Congress next year because of relatively few competitive seats.

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