Sunday :: Dec 4, 2005

Aftermath of Katrina Continues to Expose the Bankruptcy of the Republican-led Government

by Mary

Americans saw for themselves what a miserable failure Bush's administration was when they saw how screwed up the Feds were dealing with Hurricane Katrina. And if they are being observant, they will see even more evidence for the utter bankruptcy of this government.

Remember John Breaux? Under Bush's first administration, it seemed that Senator John Breaux was more than happy to side with the Republicans. Wonder if he would still feel that way. Here was his reaction to the deadly power struggle that Bush engaged in with Governor Blanco of Louisiana on who should lead the National Guard during the emergency.

"If Bush and FEMA couldn't deliver meals after 5 days how could LA expect them to take over our Natl Guard and do better job????" John B. Breaux, a former Democratic senator from Louisiana who is now a Washington lawyer, wrote in an e-mail message to Mr. Mann.

Here we are four months after the disaster and what is our national government doing? After the initial sympathy and promises to do something to help, the radicals in charge of the Congress decided that every penny that was given as aid to victims of the hurricane would be taken from the poor. Although Congress could sign off on the $62 billion no-bid contracts given by FEMA to the likes of Bechtel and Halliburton, the idea of finding money to help those who were hurt by Katrina is asking too much of Americans who after all already have to pay for the no-bid contracts in Iraq, the special deals for big pharm and the exorbitant tax breaks for Bush and his best buds. (One of those no-bid contracts is for temporary housing on the Carnival Cruise Lines which costs American tax payers $1275 per person per week. Aren't you glad that this government knows how to spend "your money" wisely?)

So who's the bad guy? Not the President who has the FEMA channel touting how Bush personally came out to help. Not FEMA who still can't figure out how to actually deliver services that people need. And certainly not the selfish and corrupt Republican Congress that believes the government has no responsibility for disaster aid or providing a safety net for those who are have had their lives torn apart by this disaster. According to the LA Times, the person at fault for this is Senator Mary Landrieu for being too "shrill" and for coming from a state known for its corruption.

Yes, Mary Landrieu who also has voted too often for Republican-backed bills is now the villian because she is a selfish and shrill Democrat. Too bad the spinmeisters are unable to smear some of the other critics as selfish, shrill, Democratic scum:

"I'm ready to start a revolution," said former Rep. Bob Livingston (R-La.). "This is an absolute outrage. Here we are in Month 4 of a terrible, terrible tragedy, and other than hotel rooms and meals-ready-to-eat and some reconstruction, we haven't gotten squat."

Now a lobbyist in Washington, Livingston has joined other former Louisiana lawmakers to press congressional leaders to help the state. They plan an intensified push next week, when the House reconvenes, to try to wrest more money from Congress before Christmas.

"Has the mood soured? Yes," Livingston said. "But are we just going to write off an entire region of the country? Congress ought to get their damned act in order and un-sour it."

For a Congress that has given away the store to big pharm for a prescription drug benefit that screws most Americans, and gave the banks the ability to go after Americans who run into trouble because they got sick and now can't pay their bills, and provided every dollar the Pentagon and defense contractors wanted because Rep Cunningham sponsored it, it is a bit much to see them be so stingy and mean. This is the result that Grover Norquist wanted to see when he talked about drowning government in the bathtub. But don't cry for Grover -- he got his when he put together the K Street scam with his good buddy, Jack Abramoff. The American taxpayers have proven to be a good source of blood for the greedy vampires that make up the core of the Republican culture of corruption. No wonder there's no money to help the victims of natural disaster.

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