Sunday :: Dec 4, 2005

Some blogosphere reading for this morning

by eriposte

Here are some worthwhile reads around the blogosphere.

Laura Rozen (War and Piece) writes about the news that the "...State Department has been using political "litmus tests" before sending American representatives overseas..."

Bob Geiger (Yellow Dog Blog) is asking the blogosphere to take on the Far Right GOP attack machine Move America Backward Forward, which has "...Declare[d] War on Americans..."

Kent Bye (Echo Chamber Project) has a roundup of the "Blogosphere Reporting on Forged Niger Docs". [Note: I have not had the time to review this roundup and confirm the chronology/accuracy of everything but I thought some readers may appreciate the work he has done to try and consolidate some of the most recent revelations.]

Dave Johnson (Seeing The Forest) has a must-read post on " [Gang] Rape Victim Found Guilty." I was talking to Dave briefly about this case last night and I am just disgusted at the appalling behavior of the judge and the prosecutor. Kevin Hayden at American Street (who knows the rape victim) has more - and Dave's post has a list of the other blogs covering this story (The Heretik, Feministe, Shakespeare's Sister, and many more). This is the kind of thing that one would assume happens only in Taliban- or Al Qaeda-friendly countries, but given that we have an unhealthy population of American Taliban in this own country, nothing surprises me any more.

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