Sunday :: Dec 4, 2005

Private Security Firms Running Unsupervised Overseas

by Steve

Here's a sobering scenario that has troubled me for months now. We have private security and propaganda firms running amok in Iraq and elsewhere overseas, doing things that used to be done by our own State and Defense departments, gobbling up millions if not billions of taxpayer dollars on no-bid contracts. The private security firms, such as Blackwater USA, and the propaganda firms, like the Lincoln Group, are led by GOP operatives and former defense industry officials and military men, who have been given a "sky is the limit" profit opportunity by the Bush/Cheney ATM to make money, unregulated by anyone at Defense or State, as long as that policy of "profits over principles" is continued at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. And this isn't even taking into account the cash grab that is manifested itself in Halliburton, Bechtel, and the rest of the industry.

So here's the sobering thought: what indirect and direct challenges would a Democratic president face in 2009 in his or her efforts to rein in this vast new GOP-led industry of unaccountable security, construction, and propaganda firms? And without being too tin-foilish here, if you had the slightest suspicion that the CIA or defense industry were involved in Kennedy's assassination because of the Bay of Pigs and the possibility that he was planning to get out of Vietnam, how much danger would a Democratic president face for trying to rein in these private contractors and take away their profit opportunities?

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