Sunday :: Dec 4, 2005

Lieberman At Defense?

by Steve

Atrios ran a piece earlier today that there is renewed talk about Joe Lieberman taking over for Rummy. This has come up before, and as much as we all complain about Rummy as a SecDef, and Joe as a DINO, two questions jump out at me on this. Despite what I think of Lieberman and his willingness to go against his party when it suits him to help Bush, would he do it here just to be in the Cabinet and help Bush claim some mantle of bipartisanship, knowing that it would hurt the Democrats’ chances of regaining the Senate?

Second, does anyone think that Lieberman would automatically be a better SecDef than Rummy, given how much Lieberman has rolled over for this administration, and the fact that he knows less about the military than Rummy does? Anyone who can come back from a trip to Iraq and say things are improving, and then be roundly discredited by correspondents in the theater who have no idea what the hell Lieberman is talking about, is someone who is as deluded about Bush’s “accomplishments” as Rummy already is.

Frankly, I don’t see it happening, because if Bush were to replace Rummy, the PNAC cabal and Cheney’s imperialist faction will want one of their own for the job, and not a Democrat, no matter how much Rove wants bipartisanship and the Jewish lobby on board for this. Second, can you imagine how much fun Lieberman’s confirmation hearings would be when the Senate Democrats get to quiz him on how he will clean up all of Rummy’s messes? The point is that the hearings will give the Senate Democrats the chance to open all these issues up and force Lieberman to demonstrate that he intends to deal with these problems and not just be another candidate for The Hague from this administration.

And that is why I don’t think it will happen. But if it does, and we get a chance to get a more reliable Democrat in that seat after next year, and get a confirmation hearing nightmare for Bush, then bring it on.

One last thought though about such a move that gives me pause: Bush has developed into a holy warrior, and between the two of them, which more closely resembles such a nutcase mentality, Rummy or Lieberman?

Yeah I know; Lieberman.

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